I recently filmed/edited a commercial for Rick's Food and Spirits an upscale dining establishment in Kingston, NH to showcase their 143 Main Street burger challenge! This was shot entirely on my LG G6 cell phone and is being entered into a contest for the Steel Chef Challenge!

I'm very excited to shoot in this medium and equally as excited announce that I am now offering this video service to all businesses at a very affordable rate! Email me for more information!

Social Media Marketing Packages Now Available!


Face it, whether you're a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, social media advertising is something you need to be taking part in. I'm proud to announce that I am now offering Social Media Marketing packages for businesses looking to give their social media presence that extra push!

Call or email today to set up a free consultation to get you started!


The multi-award winning, multi-continental film that I co-wrote, co-produced, animated, shot footage and was marketing director for, My Name is Jonah, is now available to watch for FREE! Visit the official website or just watch in the video below!

What is the secret origin of this self-proclaimed 'real-life warrior, adventurer and musician'? How has he gained his tremendous cult following? Steel yourselves for a quest to explore how this enigmatic personality came to be and the powerful effect he has on all those he meets. Prepare to be amazed at just how ordinary your own life really is... YOU PEOPLE ARE WEAK!

Mini Theatres Booking Logo Design

Logo I recently finished for Mini Theatres Booking in NY, a film buying company that handles the acquisition of all major film titles to movie theaters across the country.

As an avid cinema fanatic myself, it was great working with Mini Theatres owner Jeff Goldman to get him a more modern and minimalist style brand!

If you're looking to give new life into your business, or are just getting started contact me and I can help you get there!


Road Trip to Blue Ridge Parkway!

Some photos I took from my recent road trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Road Trip to Nashville, TN!

Hey everybody! I thought I'd share some cell phone photos with you from my trip to Tennessee! I'm still for a few more days and it's an absolutely gorgeous place to visit!

Sonder Collaborative Anniversary Video

Six months ago, Maria Theresa, Jon Caron, Nikki Morris, Shanna Williams had the crazy idea of starting Sonder Collaborative - a passionate group of senior-level experts specializing in branding, advertising and design. We have been able work with some amazing clients, looking forward to what the next six months will bring!

Our list of clients so far!

Beautydot, Turnkey Compliance Solutions, 2017 Doc Sunback Film Festival & Art Crawl, 25th Ulterius Technologies LLC, Lawn Buddy, Task Viking, Pinnacle Homes Inc, Zephyr Acres Consulting LLC, Mid American Credit Union, Secure CyberID, Glory Road Productions, Stellar Home Health, Alpha Nutrition, Wichita Nutrition, White Pine, Home First Restoration, MOXIE sass & class boutique, Huggable Memories, Strata LLC, Heartland Heritage